Mar 082017

Cough, sniffle, achew, puuuuuke!!!

You’re sick again….. this has been a terrible season for sickness and you can’t afford to miss another day of work.  I hear you.  It’s no fun being sick or taking care of sick kids.  Who has the time for that? Not me!!

Fortunately, I have not been sick in over a year now.  I would like to point the finger to my probiotic for keeping my immune system in tip-top shape.

There have been a couple of times this winter when I started to feel it coming on.  You know what I did to combat it? Take a double-dose of my ProBio5 before bed and I’ve woken up the next day feeling normal again.  I’d probably be just fine with the normal dose but I’m not taking any chances so I’ve continued to take an increased dose every night. And Guess what? The crud just hasn’t been able to take hold of me! And I am an elementary teacher! Little kids are the germiest beings out there, are they not?! lol

If you’re sick of being sick or just plain ol’ want to avoid sickness altogether, you need to start taking a probiotic every single day.  Your kids and even your dog too!  Boosted immunity is just one benefit of a healthy gut, there are many other things a good probiotic will help you with as well.  I especially recommend taking it if you have to take an antibiotic for any reason it’ll help combat the ickiness associated with that.

As always, I am here to help! All you have to do is reach out…

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Jan 092017

I debated whether or not I wanted to post about this, but I believe that honesty is the best policy.

I took my Plexus products consistently for eight months and enjoyed so many of the benefits; I felt better, I wasn’t getting sick, I had more energy and no longer needed caffeine, my aches and pains went away, my stomach aches and headaches went away and I was “regular”.  I no longer craved sugar and I also had a great attitude and was in a perma-good mood.

Then Thanksgiving rolled around, followed by the month of December.  The season of eating, right? And I love eating! I really wanted to be able to pig out and eat whatever I wanted.  So I quit taking all of my Plexus products except the ProBio5.  In some sick and twisted way I felt that if I weren’t taking my Plexus, I could justify eating ice cream and pie and all sorts of junk that I hadn’t eaten in months. (I know… I could have just used Block and eaten this stuff without the guilt.  But I didn’t).  I sabotaged myself.

If I ever had any doubt that my Plexus products were working for me, my month-long hiatus has made me an even bigger believer….

While “off plexus” my appetite came back and so did my cravings for sugar.  Good lord.  I was tired all the time despite being able to sleep until 9am every day (with 4-5 hours more sleep per night than usual), took a few naps, and drank a few high-sugar coffee drinks for the first time in months.  My stomachaches returned, I was no longer regular, and my post-op knee started hurting again for the first time in many months.  I was hungry and eating all the time and gained back 8 lbs that I had previously lost.  Overall feeling like crap.

Why the heck do I do this stuff to myself???????? I have all the tools I need to feel good and be healthy. But I wasn’t using them 🙁

On January 1st I got back on track.  I started back up on pink drink, BioCleanse, Block and Accelerator.  It has been just a week now but I’m already feeling so much better again! My knee stopped hurting within just a few days of using the BioCleanse and my tummy isn’t hurting anymore.  The Accelerator and pink drink have given me the natural energy again and my cravings have lessened.

If you were ever skeptical about Plexus products truly working, I will just tell ya that its like night and day.  No doubts in my mind!!

Jan 072017


I had such a great experience today at the Plexus Super Saturday event. Minneapolis was one of 30 cities who hosted this training event that over 20,000 Ambassadors attended. Ours was held at the Marriott in Minnetonka. I learned a lot and it was just what I needed to get my inspired and motivated again. The opportunity with Plexus is outstanding and I’m proud to be part of a company that gives you the tools to succeed in a business. Not to mention our health products work and make you feel good! 

Here I am with some of my Plexus Pink Power teammates (me with Amber, Bradie and Tarese)

Here are some of the attendees from our local DRINK PINK team (led by Jessica Radke)

After the conference several of us went to Jimmy’s Kitchen for dinner.  It was fun getting to know some of my sideline teammates beyond our connections on FB 😉

Jan 042017

People all around me have been dropping like flies due to sickness. The lovely winter colds and even stomach flu have been running wild. My kids were sick over my entire winter break… coughing, sneezing and pouring out massive amounts of snot and phlegm. Such a joy!! We seriously went through eight boxes of tissues in a week.

I, however, feel great. Sickness can’t touch me!! I take a double dose of my amazing probiotic every night and faithfully use essential oils. My immune system is stronger than it’s ever been! I highly recommend that everyone take a probiotic daily; a boosted immune system is just one of many benefits. After taking care of my sick family for a week and a half,I am reminded that my kids and hubby need to take it every day as well.
Are you ready to boost your immunities too? Message me… let’s get you rolling with the amazing Plexus ProBio5 so you can enjoy the season 😉