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I Heart Gilmore Girls

I Heart Gilmore Girls

For many of my adult years I wasn’t a TV person, but then Netflix and Binge Watching came along! I like to stick with a series and watch it all the way from the beginning before moving on to the next.  Lucky me to be able to watch my shows all by myself every morning from about 5-6am.  I have been faithfully watching Gilmore Girls since Sept and I am now on the very last episode.  I don’t know if I would be able to bring myself to watch it if I didn’t know that the GG: Year In The Life was waiting for me!!! There is just something about the sweet and cute Rory and the sassy and witty Lorelai.  I love them!!!  Even if it is a teeny-bop type of show. I’m not alone, right? Where are my Gilmore Girls fans at?

Cuddle ~ A Children’s Boutique

Cuddle ~ A Children’s Boutique

Feast your eyes on the latest and greatest online children’s boutique: Cuddle.

Cuddle has some of the CUTEST apparel, shoes, and toys for little kids.  I am especially excited since it is owned and operated by my good friend Kara.

How cute is this sassy little Berrylicious Bow Dress?

I thought this little Ladybug Swimsuit was super cute too!

What baby wouldn’t look the most adorable in this little Lamb Coat?!

Every little boy needs a pair of these Basebee Shoes

These Deglingos Kicks – Milkos the Cow might be my favorite.  So stinkin cute!


Cuddle Boutique also has really cute puppets like this giraffe

There are many more cool items at Cuddle, go check it out and tell a friend!

Four Star Auto Service

Four Star Auto Service

Remember last week when I was crying about the awful headlights on my Mazda CX-7 and how neither of my low-beams was working anymore? I am so glad I blogged about it because a friend saw it and sent me over to Four Star Auto Service to see what they could do.  I was really worried about having to replace the entire headlamp assembly which was going to cost me an arm and a leg, but I figured it was worth a shot to see what Four Star could do.  I am so glad I did!!

I’m back in action, baby!

Not only was Four Star able to fix my headlight and replace both bulbs in both headlights, they also had a loaner car for me to use, were able to get the work done in a few hours, and all for under $100 for everything!


I will definitely be using Four Star Auto Service in the future and highly recommend you do too!!

Thank you Milli for sending me to Four Star!



Remember a few months ago when I sought advice and opinions about camera lenses??? Well after a lot of research and getting opinions from some awesome professional photographers, I decided to start saving my money to buy the fancy Nikon 50mm f/1.4 G series.  It took me a few months (car issues were a major set-back) but I was finally able to purchase my new lens last week and it arrived last night!

I have a lot of practicing to do but did snap a few photos last night.  Just look at that blurred background, I LOVE it!!!

Jeff has “Mad Skillz” ~ Thanks Bro!

Jeff has “Mad Skillz” ~ Thanks Bro!

Jeff is THE MAN!!

Wanted to give a shout-out to my baby bro who has spent many hours helping me with the “behind the scenes” of my blogs these past few weeks.   #1 Excitement of last week??? He was able to retrieve all of my photos from this blog that had been lost in Cyberspace and  restored them permanently to this new blog platform.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!! The photos were actually restored on my birthday, what a great gift!  This means that all of my old photos are now back in the proper posts 🙂 (Of course I probably could’ve figured it out myself but it would’ve taken me an extra 100 hrs longer than Jeff to do it!).

The 2nd biggest task Jeff helped me with this week was figuring out some bugs with the new Twin Cities Restaurant Blog.  Not everything with that transfer went as smoothly as it did with this blog, so I ended up spending my three-day-weekend on the dang computer doing my best to fix the things that needed to be fixed.  Jeff helped with the rest and everything is now seemingly “right” with the blog again.

Jeff, Thanks for taking all the time to help me out with these things even though I know I was annoying and bugging the  crap out of you. (sometimes I think I got all the patience in the family).  Your computer/Internet skillz are amazing!!

Lemonade Stand Blogger Awards

Lemonade Stand Blogger Awards

Last week a couple of my friends, Ang and Dana, both awarded me with a “Lemonade Stand” blogger award which is passed on to “bloggers who demonstrate great attitude and gratitude”. Part of the honor of winning this award is to turn around and recognize other bloggers so without further ado, here are the Lemonade Stand awards that I am handing out this week. (Hard to choose because I have so many faves!)

First up is my brother Brian’s wife Michelle at Curls, Spunk and Monkey Chunk.  Michelle is an amazing photographer and I love reading her blog because it is how I stay up to date with my darling little nieces and nephew when I otherwise see them just a few times a month.  She is very honest about motherhood and life in general, which I am cure we can all appreciate.

Next I would like to return the award back to Ang at Football, Sushi and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Ang and I met through a  mutual friend six or seven years ago and have a lot in common, especially our love of photography.  Ang is also a Nikon user and she is my new go-to girl for Nikon questions. We have a tradition of going to Fuddruckers for Valentines Day every year 🙂

I would also like to give the award back to Dana at My Everyday Life. Dana and I have known each other since HS but became friends several years ago through a group of mutual friends.  I love reading Dana’s blog to see what she has been up to…. she is very active and busy and always posts a lot of pictures about all the fun she has….we also have a lot in common!

Next up I have to give a shout-out to one of the most amazing photographers I know, Chriselda at Chriselda Photography.  Chriselda and I became online buds back in 2004-2005 when we took part in a Circle Journal together.  Since that time Chriselda has built up her photography business full-time and her photography is simply amazing!! This blog is a photography blog.

Another of my favorite bloggers is Denise at Lipstick and Red High Heels.  Denise is so stinkin funny! She loves to tell stories about the mischief she would get into when she was younger with her three sisters.  Denise had to make her blog private this year but I am lucky enough to have the password 🙂 Denise is also one amazing photographer and I adore looking at all of her work.  Check out her photography blog! Beautiful!

I also must give an award to Ms. Samara at Link Adventures.  Sam and I have been blogging buddies for awhile now, we “met” through Lindsay Teague who is one of Sam’s  best buddies and another of my favorite bloggers.  Sam and I are the same age and she is also from the midwest but transplanted in AZ.  Samara just graduated from college with a degree in Communications/Journalism (or something like that!) This past semester Sam spent hundreds of hours in the newsroom and on location shooting pieces for the local news and she shared many of the pieces she created on her blog.  Check them out, they were so much fun to watch, I would always forget it was Sam I was hearing until she would show up on camera….. so professional!! Sam also leaves me the nicest, most thoughtful comments on my blog.  I can’t wait until I get to go back to AZ again soon so that we can meet in real life 🙂

Another of my most-favorite blogs to read because of the entertainment factor is Lindy at Gringa N Mexico.  Lindy moved to Mexico a couple of years ago to be with her husband and loves to write about her experiences as a barely-spanish-speaking-white-woman-who-lives-in-Mexico-but works in a border town in the US.  This girl is freaking HILARIOUS.  Lots of sex talk and foul language…. I love the shock factor! Lindy just gave birth to her very first baby and I can’t wait to read all about her new adventure into Motherhood, which bound to be entertaining the way Lindy writes about it 🙂

The last award I am giving out today is to my Belgium blogging buddy, Jientje at Heaven is in Belgium.  I first found Jientje (pronounced gene-chu) through the Photo Hunts that I started hosting last Spring and I absolutely adore her photography!! Jientje likes to take photos of objects and landscapes as I do and she has such a talented eye! She is also just learning how to use a D-SLR camera and I am so inspired by her work!

To the many others whose blogs I read……  thank you for sharing what you do 🙂

Calling all Bacon Lovers ~ Bacon Novelties

Calling all Bacon Lovers ~ Bacon Novelties

Do you love Bacon?  Mmm, I do!  And as I was looking for something tonight I came across some fun bacon stuff and thought I'd make a post out of it…..

Did you know you could sign up for a Bacon of the Month Club at The Pig Next Door?  They boast bacon made from "America's finest bacon artisans".  Starting at $99 for 6 months (aka 6 lbs) of bacon

If you would like some bacon-flavor without the actual bacon, try some Baconnaise


Bacon Salt


Chocolate Covered Bacon  Two of the tastiest, unhealthiest items you could ever pair….I bet it is wonderful!

Pro photos of products 2009 123

Bacon Lollipop

Man bait composite

Now all the yumminess aside, have you ever cut yourself? You could have your very own  Bacon Bandages!


Or you could be really fashionable with this Bacon Wallet


Bacon T-Shirt


 Now who wants some bacon!?

MN Timberwolves Library Dedication

MN Timberwolves Library Dedication

This past Monday was a very special day at one of the schools I teach at.  Last spring our school was selected by the Timberwolves' Fastbreak Foundation to receive a library makeover.  Over the past few weeks several members of the Timberwolves office staff spent hours and hours at our school, painting the library and putting together the new shelving and then re-stocking the library books on the shelves.   The walls are the blue, green and white of the Timberwolves plus we got giant wall decals with the current Timberwolves players.  Everything looks amazing!

Monday was the big celebration, with the Timberwolves people (along with school district administration) coming out to help us celebrate.  A couple of the Timberwolves players were supposed to be there also but
were running late from that morning's practice.  They finally showed up
after it was over and signed a few autographs.  The organization has promised to bring the
players back when they can come, but with the start of a brand-new
season, it may be awhile before that happens, we'll see.



Crunch, the Timberwolves mascot was also along for the fun and even helped act out the book that was read aloud, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. It was great!! 



After the celebration Crunch insisted he have his picture with me. Too bad I was in the middle of saying something when this photo was taken, I look like a big dorkis.


If you'd like to read the Timberwolves article about the project, read here.

Thank you Minnesota Timberwolves!!!!

Field Trip to Leben’s Old Town Market

Field Trip to Leben’s Old Town Market

What started as just a simple trip to a local garden center turned out to be a wonderful discovery….. I had no idea Leben's Old Town Market was as cool as it is!  I have been back more than once this week already and have taken many, many photos.  Here is a quick tour of Old Town Market: To see more photos of hibiscus, hydragea, cactus, horses, tropical gardens check out my Daily Photo Blog! And I highly recommend that anyone in the area go on your own little trip to Old Town Market!

Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo!

Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo!

I guess Snowball first made his internet debut in 2007, but I am just catching on to this now (thanks E!).  Snowball is a sulphur-crested cockatoo who loves to dance to music…and keeps a beat! Check him out, it is so cute and funny!
Snowball dancing to the Backstreet Boys

Snowball dancing to Stevie Nicks

Snowball dancing to Another One Bites the Dust (Cracks me up!!!)

I hope you all enjoyed Snowball's dancing as much as I did!

Move Over, Facebook

Move Over, Facebook

My new love is Flickr.

Although I still think Facebook is one of the greatest inventions on the web, I am kind of bored with it. (Remember, I was trying to convince you all to sign up 3-07) Plus I can't ever access it from work.  Anyway, like I said, my new love is Flickr.  I have had an account there for a few years and have used it to browse for particular photos (remember my post about cool things you can do with Flickr?) but never really started exploring its full capabilities until recently.  I think the Groups feature is pretty awesome and I love that you can upload photos to a pool.  Great way to share common stuff!

I have been really into the photography thing since I started my Daily Photo Blog a few weeks ago (come check it out now if you haven't already!)  Even though I like to think I have always kept my eye open for a good photo opportunity, I am scouting out different possibilities for photos at times and in places where I might not otherwise have looked.  Its a lot of fun! I am even exploring the manual settings on my camera and trying to learn real photography settings.  My Canon G9 is not a SLR but it is still an awesome camera with many of the same features as a SLR. 

So that's my story for the evening.  If you want to add me as a contact on Flickr, I am sweetsauer.  I would love to add you too!

Feeling Fabulous

Feeling Fabulous

My birthday yesterday was really great!  I felt the love coming at me from all directions and when that happens, it is pretty hard not to enjoy it.  Thanks to everyone who sent wishes and warm fuzzies throughout the day.  It was especially a surprise to see so many people write on my wall on Facebook.  There may have been over a hundred wishes. Whoa!
I have been very busy at work with several things but was able to take a longer lunch to met up with my BFFs for lunch.  Sonja, Angelina, Leah and Kim treated me to a really awesome lunch at Bennett's (I will link to the review as soon as I can get to it).  I also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Sony.  It was awesome that Kimmy was feeling good enough to come meet us…. she id due to have her baby literall any day now.  I was hoping for a birthday surprise but this little guy is still a cookin'.  The girls all plead with me not to take any photos of them, but I told them they had to.
Angelina was willing to pose with me!
In the evening it started to snow a little and the temps dropped so the roads weren't in the best shape so rather than driving to Minneapolis to try something new, I decided to go to one of my old-time favorte places, the Lakeside Club.  I had a delicious steak and for dessert I got a chocolate fudge parfait.  Wow!
So yeah, I am feeling pretty fabulous at 32 🙂

Toaster Oven = My Favorite Appliance!

Toaster Oven = My Favorite Appliance!

Its been awhile since I blogged so I thought I'd pop in to profess my love for……. Toaster Ovens.  Yes, I said Toaster Ovens!  I know they've been around for at least 20 years and I still cannot believe that some households in America do not have one.  My family had one growing up and we used it all the time. I use the one at my house on a daily basis.  Now we just got one at work and I am so happy! They're the BEST!!  Especially for reheating foods that are meant to be CRISPY.  Nothing worse than soggy leftovers from the microwave.  Well there will be no more soggy leftover pizza (French Fries, sandwiches, etc) at work for me! LOL. 
IMG_3476Gotta love those Toaster Ovens! If you have never used one before, time to get on it 😉



I was tagged by Ms. Samara to make a list of five things I am totally addicted to.  To some this is very easy, but when I think about my addictions, all I can think about is FOOD.  So let's look at some of the foods that I have a hard time saying No to 😉

1.  Sweets.  I do not eat candy, but I have a hard time passing up desserts! My favorites are carrot cake, cheesecake, German chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream!!!

0620_Ice_Cream 2.  Buffalo Chicken.  I love wings (and sandwiches) with a lot of buffalo sauce and bleu cheese on the side!

Sal's-wings1000 3.  Pizza.  I love it!  My favorite local places are Davannis, Cossettas and Wildwood Pizza.

Wildwood pizza 4.  Mexican Food.  There are very few Mexican foods that I will pass up (menudo is one I can do without). I prefer Authentic Mex to Tex-Mex, but love them both.  Margaritas fall into this addiction as well 🙂

LaCasita5-07 004-1000 5. Sushi.  I will eat many different varieties but my favorites are spicy tuna roll and hamachi sashimi.

Saji-YaDec4-06 005

I am not going to tag anyone in particular, but please feel free to blog about your addictions….food or otherwise!

Another Fall Favorite!

Another Fall Favorite!

A PUMPKIN PECAN MALT from Culver's!!!!!!!!
Yummy!! This is the first one of the season 🙂
Here is me stuffing my face.
Photo 35

Photo 37

Photo 42

If you live in a community without a Culver's, I feel bad for you.  It is the only fast food I will eat!

AT&T JERKS!!!!!!!!

AT&T JERKS!!!!!!!!

I'm soooooooo MAD right now!!!!
I had an extra-long lunch hour today so I decided to drive out to the nearest Apple store to buy my long awaited new iPhone 3G.  I spent a ton of time with the sales guy, get ready to check out and get my new phone rolling…..just to find out that according to AT&T I am not eligible for a phone upgrade because I bought a new phone in the past year. 
Last February my RAZR phone broke (piece of shit) so I bought the cheapest, junkiest phone that AT&T offered because I knew I was going to buy the 3G iPhone when it was released.  I explained all that to the AT&T sales guy at the time and never once did he tell me that if I bought a phone (whether it be a cheap piece of junk or not) I couldn't get the iPhone for at least a year.  Well, I could buy the phone but pay $500 for it instead of $300.  F that , I said!!!!
So now I have to wait until November or December before I can get the phone at the lower price.
Talk about total re-donk-u-lous!!!
I am about to call AT&T and tell 'em what I think about THAT!!!!!!!
And BEST Buy is still on my shit list too (because of the camera)!!!!

Can I ever get a stinkin break!!?????

Done, Done, Done!!!!!

Done, Done, Done!!!!!

After taking my final exam this morning, I have successfully completed all of the requirements for my graduate program.

It is now all a distant memory!!! That means no-more-bitching-about-school-ever-again.

Celebration is in order!



I finished my practicum today!!! That means four weeks of vacation for me until I go back to work 🙂

I also got my test results back today from my final Praxis test (Middle school language arts) and I passed!!!

I just have one more assignment and the final for my literature class.  Hoping that will all be taken care of in the next couple of weeks!!

Ahhhh, it feels great!!  This has been such a busy year for me with graduate school and work between two schools (three if you count this summer).  So glad its all behind me now!