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The Best Baby Shower and Friends {that a girl could ask for}

The Best Baby Shower and Friends {that a girl could ask for}

This post about the baby shower with my girlfriends is long overdue! I figure I better sneak it in before the baby is born, and that could be any day now 😉

On March 10th, my BFF Mary and my oldest friend, Bradie, co-hosted a baby shower for me in the Whistler Room at Manitou Station in White Bear Lake.  I have quite a few girlfriends so it made sense to have one big shower and invite them all, but we needed a big space to do it.  Special thanks to owner and friend, Jake, for offering up the space. What a lovely shower we had!! Mary has an eye for detail and is such a fabulous party planner, she could do it professionally!  Bradie helped in many other ways 🙂
A few of the decorations:
Cakes at baby Shower
Star-Shaped Bowl of Candy
Turuoise Centerpieces
Party Favors ~ Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~ Party Favors
These next few photos were taken by my friend Toni on her cell phone

131884_502864796418072_1322915347_o    892471_503467589691126_456008944_o
Not only did we have super-cute decorations, but we also had awesome food!
Fruit Platter
Bruschetta and Crustini
Turkey Roll Ups
Turkey Roll-Ups
We also had Artichoke Dip, Tortilla Chips, Hummus, Pita Chips, and Parmesan Crusted Chicken Strips. Not to mention the chocolate and carrot cakes.  Everything was really good and I think everyone enjoyed it 😉

The best part of the shower was seeing so many of my girlfriends.  It really made me feel special that so many of my friends made an effort to come spend the afternoon with me. Here is most of the group later in the afternoon. A few of the ladies had to leave by this time and a few couldn’t make it, but we had a great turnout and I will cherish this forever.
Kristi and Friends at Shower
Me with my Besties, Mary, Kim, Tamie, Sonja and Lanee
Kristi Mary Kim Tamie Sonja Lanee 3-13
Dana, Ang and Heather
Dana Ang and Heather 3-13
Leah, Mandie, me and Kara
Kristi Leah Mandie and Kara 3-13
Mandy, Kelly, me and Bradie
Kristi Mandy Kelly Bradie
Me with Michelle and Erin (and new baby Maverick at 4 weeks old!)
Kristi Michelle and Erin 3-13
Toni and Me
Kristi Toni 3-13
Me with my college girls, Laura Blonde, Janet and Laura Brown
Kristi Laura Laura Janet 3-13
Me with Laura, Heidi and Janet
Kristi Laura Heidi Janet 3-13
Me with Dana, Ang, Heather and Mandie
Kristi Dana Ang Heather and Mandie 3-13
I was 34 weeks pregnant that day, Lanee snapped this belly photo
Kristi 8 months pregnant
Kim and Tam
Kim and Tamie 3-13
Erin and Maverick ( a few of my friends enjoyed holding him )
Erin and Maverick 3-13
Sonja with her daughters Angelina and Mariah

We socialized and ate for at least half the shower and then they made me get the show on the road with the gift opening. Holy Moly, did I get an ton of amazing and generous gifts!! It was pretty awesome and I am ever so appreciative and thankful to have each of these ladies in my life.
Unfortunately this is the only photo I got of my myself with both Bradie and Mary

Other details about the shower that I don’t want to forget include everyone writing out Hope and Dreams for baby Bretton or for Erick and I as his parents.  Very sweet and thoughtful, they will go in his baby book.  Mary also had a “Diaper Raffle” for me in which the ladies could buy a raffle ticket with proceeds going into a fund to buy diapers.  I drew four names (Kara, Michelle, Olivia, and Denise) and each lady got a really cool prize….. a cupcake kit or gardening/spa goodies.  There were also door prizes for the ladies who got diaper name tags with a secret surprise inside (opened at the end of the shower).  Each lady also got a beaded necklace at the beginning of the day but could “steal” the beads of anyone whom they heard say, “Kristi”, “Erick” or “Baby”.  At the end, Ang and Erin had the most beads and each got a prize.

All in all, I don’t think I could have asked for a better shower.  I am so incredibly blessed.  A huge thank you to my besties, Mary and Bradie for the wonderful effort they put into all the planning and the financial obligations.  I can’t thank you enough!!


Family Baby Shower {My Very First!}

Family Baby Shower {My Very First!}

A few weeks ago I had my first ever baby shower, hosted by my cousin Natalie.  The guests were all of my aunties and several of my female cousins on my dad’s side of the family. (Plus my mom, my sisters-in-law and my MIL, Judy!)

We had a lovely time! We started with a very nice brunch which included these gorgeous custom handmade cookies that my SIL Amanda made.  Seriously, how cute are these owl onesies??


We followed brunch with the gift opening.  I got many lovely gifts, everyone was so generous! Thanks to my cousin Theresa for taking photos while I opened my gifts….. here are just a few!

Me with my cousins Natalie and Heidi.  Can you see the family resemblance?? Our dads are all brothers 😉

I really appreciate all the wonderful things I received and the time everyone took to come to my shower.  It made me feel special and there is no doubt this baby will be well loved by his extended family!

Baby Shower for Erin

Baby Shower for Erin

A couple of weeks ago I attended a baby shower for Michelle‘s sister, Erin.  Erin and her husband Stew have been long awaiting to become parents and their little bundle of joy (baby boy Chandler) should be arriving around Halloween.

Michelle invited nearly fifty of Erin’s family and friends to her and Brian’s house for the shower.  It was a very warm day but everyone had a great time.  We started with brunch and socializing then moved to opening presents.
Michelle and Erin
Party Food Spread
Chicken Salad Croissants
Cheese and Cracker Plate
Fruit Platter
Mimosa Station
Tier of Cupcakes
Erin with her mom and grandmaBev, Jodi and Erin
The kids enjoyed helping Auntie Erin open her presents
Erin received a ton of beautiful gifts for the baby….. now we just need to wait until he arrives so we can enjoy him 🙂

Hot Mama Alert & Celebrity Baby Name Game

Hot Mama Alert & Celebrity Baby Name Game

The hot mama I'm talking about is my BFF Kim, who is just entering her last month of her first pregnancy. 
Lucky girl, the only weight she has gained is baby belly 😉
Anyway, last Sunday my other BFFs (Mary, Sonja and Lanee) and I threw a little shower for her.  What a  nice time! Here are a few pictures.  You can see more on Kim's post about the baby shower.  



A bunch of Kim's friends she hasn't seen in awhile all came so we ate, talked, watched Kim open her presents and also played some games.  One of the games we played was matching celebrities a list of baby names to their celebrity parents.  A few of the girls knew their celebrities so well that they didn't even need to look at the parents' names! (I am terrible at this game because I rarely pay attention to celebrities). Would you like to see how well you do?? Here is the list of baby names:

a. Apple
b. Harlow Winter
c. Prince
d. Chastity
e. Suri
f. Rumer
g. Ryder
h. Rocco
i. Willow
j. Pilot Inspektor
k. Chelsea Belle
l. Ireland
m. Jett
n. Shiloh
o. Coco

And if you need some help, here is the list of celebrity parents:

1. Kim Basinger/Alec Baldwin
2. Cher/ Sonny Bono
3. Courtney Cox/ David Arquette
4. John Travolta/ Kelly Preston
5. Michael Jackson
6. Jason Lee
7. Rose O’ Donnell
8. Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie
9. Nicole Richie/ Joel Madden
10. Tom Cruise/ Katie Holmes
11. Madonna/Guy Richie
12. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett
13. Gwyneth Paltrow
14. Bruce Willis/Demi Moore
15. Kate Hudson/ Chris Robinson

ETA:  Typepad is currently having issues with comments.  Hopefully it will be back up and running again shortly! Come back again later if you'd like to leave a comment 🙂

So many babies!

So many babies!

On Saturday I went to a baby shower for an old friend of mine, Andrea.   It was nice to see some of my old friends from school who were also able to come.   Would you believe that we had four babies among the group?? Bradie, Anne, Mandy and Gretchen all have new babies, and they are all so cute! Of course I took a bunch of photos!
Andrea with all of us girls
Andrea opening her very own copy of Porn for New Moms

Bradie and Neven

Anne and Sammy

Mandy and Madden (You may recall Mandy was in the Hot Mama contest back when she was preggo)

Me and Bradie

Congrats to Andrea and her husband on the upcoming arrival of baby Lucie!

Bridal Shower…..

Bridal Shower…..

On Sunday I went with Denise and her daughters to a bridal shower that her sisters were throwing for her.  It was a nice time!
A couple photos…..

Denise and her BFF Noemi (I love this girl!!!)

Just a couple weeks now until Denise and Darrell are officially married and I can't wait for the wedding!

All aboard the Pink Panther Bus……

All aboard the Pink Panther Bus……

Last night was a really fun night…..a personal shower and bachelorette party for Kelly, one of my college girls.  Up until Friday night I wasn’t sure if I’d even make it, having been sick earlier in the week and overworked the rest.  Laura (brown) told me I better go…it was too long since "party Kristi" had come out with them.  Too true…I couldn’t let my girls down and I knew I’d have fun.  It was a pretty wild night, very few of the pics Laura and I took will actually make it to this blog!
We started with a personal shower for Kelly. Whoa, nelly! I think the "cleanest" gift that she received was this pink John Deere hat  (Kelly will soon be living on a farm after her wedding) I don’t dare show you any of her other gifts, but you do realize this was a bachelorette party….use your imagination!

Here is Laura (blonde) with her 10-day old baby girl, Keira.  I’d kill to have a body like hers just days after having a baby! Laura didn’t come out with us on the bus, but we sure missed her…


After the shower 19 of us girls piled into this bad boy: The Pink Panther bus.
We started the night at Shamrock’s, then to Moose Country to shake our booties, then finished the night at Bogart’s to see the Johnny Holm Band.  Such a fun time!  I still had a ton of fun even though I kept it pretty tame…I tried to drink but they just didn’t want to go down so good. Being there with everyone and seeing the drunken fun was worth it!

Me and Laura.  Notice the wavy hair? I used my three-barrell for the first time since this time. I kinda felt like a had a fro! I also bought a new outfit on the way to the party.  Gotta love that!

We got back to Kelly’s sister’s house late at night, ate a ton of munchies and then had a giant sleepover.  Laura and I stayed up most of the night, looking at all of our pictures and laughing our asses off! Ah, it was almost like the old days when we all lived together in college.  I miss those days so much when I hang with these girls.  I love them! I will post a group picture when Laura sends me her photos.

Baby Shower for Kara….

Baby Shower for Kara….

Less than four weeks to go until Kara’s baby girl will be born 🙂


Mary, Tammy and Leah threw a shower for her at Leah’s house on Sunday afternoon.  (Remember Leah is my girlfriend who was in the figure competition?).  We had fun eating, chatting and playing games (I won a  few and got some cool prizebags 🙂

Took a bunch of pics….







Kara got some wonderful gifts for baby Olivia.  So excited for her and Jess!

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut Butter & Jelly

I know it may seem silly, but my friend Leslie and I have had these nicknames for each other since we were three years old.  She is Peanut Butter and I am Jelly.  You see, Les and I went to preschool together at Oak Hill Montessori and our moms carpooled since we lived so close to each other.  We would usually go to either my house or hers after preschool and whenever our mom’s would ask us what we wanted for lunch, I would say "peanut butter" and she would finish it by saying "jelly"!


Now my dear old friend is on her way to motherhood…just 6-7 more weeks or so and her little one will arrive 🙂  One of Leslie’s friends threw a baby shower last night at her home in Coon Rapids.  All went well (except the fact that I got lost because my exit off the freeway was closed and had to take a 10 mile detour).



I feel very fortunate that I was able to reconnect with one of my oldest (or longest?) friends.  It will be fun to see Leslie as a mother!

Surprise shower!

Surprise shower!

On Sunday afternoon, my best friends and I threw a surprise bridal shower luncheon for Lanee (which is pronounced Lah-nay, not Lan-nee) at Mary's house.  Only it turned out not to be a surprise because Lanee figured out that we were up to something.  Or Sonja spilled the beans!? Oh well, it was still a great time!  We had a taco salad bar (thanks to Decoy's in WBL for making us the yummy shells) and spent most of the time chatting and eating. I realize I should have taken this picture before I mixed everything up in the salad…it looks kind of gross, but it was very good!



Check out the full album of bridal shower pics. I am really looking forward to our girls retreat (me, Lanee, Sonja, Kim and Lanee's cousin Olga) this coming weekend at Madeline, Island (Lake Superior).  Going to be a great bonding experience….I hope!!!! Aye, we have all been BFF since Jr. High and we have been through everything together.  As much as we all love each other, we don't always get along.  The five of us haven't all been together to spend time like this in a very long time, so this is going to be very special:)

After the shower, I drove up to my parents house for Sunday Dinner with Gram and Gramp.  They had all come at noon to watch the Vikes game on my dad's new big screen HD TV.  (The Vikings ended up winning in OT 16-13….E was at the game with a buddy, but I of course, did not see any of it being at the shower). 


Look at how big and adorable Annika is getting!  And Michelle looks wonderful for 20 weeks! We will hopefully know by the end of the week if the baby is a boy or a girl.  She and Brian leave for Maui on Friday morning…omg, how fun would it be to buy some baby Hawaiian clothes?! Annika would be so stinkin cute in a little hula outfit!


Me and Jeffrey with Gram and Gramp. They head back to Scotsdale in just a few weeks.  I hope I can go down there to visit this coming year!


Baby Shower….

Baby Shower….

Mandiebabyshower_015Cass and I went to Mandie’s baby shower together on Saturday afternoon…we had a nice time and Mandie got tons of great gifts 🙂 She has about 4 weeks to go before her little Aubrionna (sp?) is born.  Looking great!

Check out how stinking cute this little "diaper cake" is! I do not know the name of the woman who made it to give her credit, but I do know it was "Terri’s mom". It is embellished with baby socks, teething rings, etc.  So cute!


Mandie also got these mini "Ruby Slippers" Mandiebabyshower_009 (although they are hot pink, not red) from Cassie.  How cute!! A little bling-bling for her baby girl!

I took a few more candid pics of that day, but here are a couple posed ones too.

Me, Mandie, Raylene and Kara.  Is there anyone who could photoshop that painting OUT of the background for me?  Let me know and I will send you the original jpg file.  Thanks in advance…I know it is probably very easy to do, but I lack the skills!


and me and Cass…..



Speaking of babies, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to our friends Rusty and Alex who had a little baby girl last week.  Can’t wait to meet their little peanut! They brought her over on Saturday but I was actually at Mandie’e baby shower and missed it!

And since we’re talking about babies, what do you all think of Baby Suri?  I mean, do any of you have theories why no one has seen Tom (Cruise) and Katie’s 4 -month- old baby yet??  Pretty weird, huh? Heather came over on Saturday night with a bunch of gossip mags, so then we tried doing a little research.  Read this blog thread and all the comments…..apparently people have many opinions! Does this baby even exist??  Is it healthy or have some weird birth defect? This is probably OLD news to most, but I am just picking up on it now!


Heather and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday but it was sold out.  Waaaaaahhh!  She made me see Talladega Nights with Will Farrell instead. Save your $$$$ people….it is cheesy and not very funny at all!!

Two more weeks until I return to work.  Man, had this been a B-O-R-I-N-G summer!!!!  My knee has been hurting a LOT more these past couple days.  Probably because I am walking on it more and trying to increase my ROM. No fun at all!!  I think I am finally in the clear to submerse my leg though, so I hope to be swimming and finally getting a tan these last two weeks.

Have a sweet week, ya’ll!

PS…..this blog hit 40,000 hits this weekend!