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Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

You may have seen one of these before {filled with Vodka}

But what if you came across one of these…. (The Real Thing!)

And PLEASE, forget what you saw in the last Indiana Jones movie.  I am being serious

When were they made?
Who made them?
What do they mean?
What kind of information is stored in these special crystals?

Here is what National Geographic has to say about the Crystal Skulls

Do you believe there is something more to these skulls than meets the eye or do you think it is  a bunch of hocus pocus?

Do you think Skull sculptures (in general) are cool or creepy?


On this Date I have blogged about:


Selective Service?

Selective Service?

Did you know that there is a law here in the US that states every man has to register for Selective Service when he turns 18?  The Gov sends one notice to guys when they turn 18 and then no mention of it seems to be made ever again.  Guys have until their 26th birthday to register and then the door is permanently closed.  Closed to ever receiving any types of Federal Grants or Student loans.

If you did not know this, you are not alone.  In fact, I did not know this until yesterday, and I am a highly educated woman.  I cannot recall ever hearing about this or  hearing anyone ever talk about it.  Not in High school, not in college, not when I have gone to vote, not when I went to renew my license.  Never.  Is this because I am a woman that I never paid attention to it? I don’t think so.  I have been asking many people I know if they knew about this and only two people knew about it and both are men who served in the military.  No one else had a clue.

Did you know about this law before reading this post?

If so, please tell me where you learned of it and where you have ever heard of it again?

I recommend that you encourage any male you know between 18-25 to register before the chance for them to ever get any federal grants or loans is slammed in their hopeful faces.  Men can check to see if they are registered here.

Give me that Fish!

Give me that Fish!

I know I am not the only one who has gotten McDonald’s new fish jingle in their head over and over! ha ha

Anyway, here I go posting my food photos again! We enjoyed a hand-caught walleye dinner with our dear friends on Friday night, so I used the opportunity to practice one of my assignments for my photography class.

Veggie medley

And now the question of the day…….. what do YOU call the object that the spoon is on?

Update on Photo Hunt

Update on Photo Hunt

Thank you to everyone who left feedback about the Photo Hunt.  I still have a lot to think about for the next one that I will be hosting in June, but I think for now I am going to choose several (like maybe 5-10) of the categories on the Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #1 list, go through all of the entries and choose my favorite 5 participant photos from each of those categories and then put a vote together for each set.  Each of those sets will be in a separate post on this blog.  That will make it MUCH easier to vote (although I do realize that not everyone may have a photo included in these final rounds of voting)

Now my last question about this to you is:

Do you want me to attach names to each photo I choose, or just put a number and link it back to the original entry? I want people to vote based on their true favorites and not just for their friends, but I also want to make sure each photographer gets credit for their work.

Daily Photo Websites & Project 365

Daily Photo Websites & Project 365

After a little deliberation, I've decided to go ahead and jump on the Daily Photo bandwagon.  I take a ton of pictures anyway so hopefully this will be a project I can commit to.  I will officially launch the project and the blog on February 11th, in honor of my bday.  Seems like a logical date to start documenting my daily photos 🙂
Here is a sneak peak:
I would love to link to everyone else who has a Daily Photo/Project 365 blog, so please leave a link to yours in the comments!

Guest Book Log

Guest Book Log

Hello! Hallo! Hola! Bon Jour! こんにちは!  привет! ahoj! hej! γεια σου!

I have been wanting to create a permanent Guest Book Log for some time now and here it is!
Whether you are a long-time reader, a personal friend, family member, lurker, admirer, Google visitor, etc, I would love for you to just drop a line and say hi in the comments section of this page (just click on "comments") and please tell me where you are from.  Please don't be shy!

Out of Curiosity…..

Out of Curiosity…..

Would you mind answering the following three questions???  I am trying to establish a few "norms"….. the more people who answer, the better!

1. How often do replace your toothbrush?

2. Do you put on anti-perspirant/deodorant after showering before bed?

3. Do you leave a tip for take-out food?

Thanks in advance!

Business cards?

Business cards?

Things with the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog have really started taking off lately! I am just a few weeks away from having all of my school stuff finished, so I will be able to devote more time to promoting that site and writing restaurant reviews.  In the meantime, I am desperately needing to get my cards made up. (Like by this Thursday!!!)  Thats where needing your help comes into play….
I cannot decide whether to go with black or white background.  I know white is more professional, but I don’t mind being different.  I want the cards to give to people, to leave on tables after I finish dining, and also to send to restaurants in hopes of getting a free meal here and there.
Do you think I should go with black (printed on a glossy paper or plastic)


 or white?

Tcrbcard-white copy 

Also, the cards will be two-sided….BUT I do not have a catchy phrase or any ideas about what to say on the back.  The only suggestion I have gotten so far is “Eating is my business and business is good”.  I would love other ideas if anyone is inclined to help a sister out!!

If anyone has a connection to FAST business-card printing, let me know!

Also- I made the cards in CS3 and on my end the resolution looks crystal clear, but after I uploaded the image to a business card site, my resolution looks really crappy?? This is so dang frustrating! If anyone has any tips for what I may be doing wrong, please let me know.

Needing some clever ideas for my big project!

Needing some clever ideas for my big project!

My Gram and Gramp are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary next weekend.
60 years of marriage!!
Can you imagine??

Next weekend there will be a big party here in the Cities and all of my family is flying in from AZ and Chicago.
Many, many months ago my Gramps personally called me up and asked me to help out with the party planning.  (I am the #1 Grandchild).  I got a great idea and committed myself to making a fabulous iMovie featuring photos of them throughout the years, as well as photos of their 8 children and their grandkids (21) and great-grandchildren.  I am also planning to interview them on Monday to get some video footage to include in the movie.

Thats where I need some great ideas….

What kinds of questions should I ask them??

“Tell me about a time when you went on a special vacation together….”

“Tell me about something really sweet that Gram/Gramps has done for you…..”

I thought I could do something clever and ask them questions game-show style….but what???

I need to come up with a game plan ASAP so that I can give them the questions ahead of time.  My Gramps wants to prepare!

Why did I wait this stinking long to get on this??!! (Oh yeah, grad school)

Why haven’t I spent more time learning iMovie? (Oh yeah, grad school)

Did I mention that I am making DVDs of my imovie for each family member?!! I think it is going to be the coolest memento!! I am really excited about how it will turn out 🙂

Thanks in advance for any awesome idea/questions you can help me think up!



I am curious to know who out there had to go through an internship or clinical practice placement?

If so:

  • Was it before or after you went to college and started your career?? 
  • In what area was your degree?
  • Did you have to find your own placement?
  • How long was your internship?
  • Was it paid or unpaid? 
  • Did you get a stipend?
  • Did you have to pay tuition?
  • Did your internship play a big part in helping you find a job?

I know I have mentioned this before, but I am currently doing a 4-week clinical practice as a state requirement to add the additional two endorsements to my teaching license. (Nevermind that I already did student teaching full-time for an entire school year 10 years ago and have taught for 9 full years under contract).  It has been a good experience so far (although I can honestly say I havent learned anything new), but it really stinks that I am paying tuition to work for free.  $300 per week plus another $100 for gas and lunch. Its BS!!!!

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel…..I have all of next week off and then just two weeks to go until my real summer vacation starts 🙂

Food Budgets?

Food Budgets?

With summer and a much smaller income approaching, I have been thinking about ways that I can save money this summer on food.  The amount we spend each month on food is somewhere near ridiculous.  Seriously.  So my goal is to spend no more than $100 a week on food.  I told a friend of mine this and she was like, "whoa! That is still a lot of money"  Is it???  It is a lot less than what we spend now!  It costs quite a bit of money to eat like royalty and its no secret that E and I like to eat.
I know this same topic must be on other people's minds too, as I saw Zoe and Elizabeth both post about ways to save money on groceries, etc.

I know this seems nosy, but can I ask how much you think you spend on groceries per week? (Please tell me how many people you are feeding on that $$).  Do you use coupons? Shop for sale items, generic brands, etc?  How often do you go out to eat?

Special interest/secondary blogs???

Special interest/secondary blogs???

Many of you who read this blog also have your own blogs.  Many of the blogs that I read are on a personal level (meaning that it encompasses many aspects of a person’s daily life), but there are also special interest blogs that I enjoy reading.  (Photography, food/cooking related, scrapbooking/challenges, techy-stuff, education, travel etc). 

Besides (this is my personal blog), many of you know that I also have a couple of special interest blogs:

  • Twin Cities Restaurant Blog– This is where I showcase different restaurants that I visit
  • Tales of an Inner-City Teacher– This is where I write about funny and interesting things that happen (or have happened in the past) in my career as an educator in the inner-city.  Going to use bits and pieces of this to write my memoirs.
  • I also have a private weight-loss blog where I try to post progress reports, celebrations, food journaling, etc.

Blogging is time consuming, but if it weren’t, I would probably have even more of them! Maybe a book review blog, a blog just to highlight my scrappies…..I could probably think of even more. 

Who else has a special interest or secondary blog?  What is the theme?

If time weren’t an issue, what kind of special interest blog would you like to start?

Reading blogs: what’s your routine?

Reading blogs: what’s your routine?

I am assuming that many of you, like me, have several blogs in which you subscribe and read.

I typically like to check my Google Reader 3-4 times a day, but sometimes I can only get to it once and then I have approximately 100 new posts to read! I know I have mentioned Google Reader before, but I love how you can sort the blogs you read into folders.  I love that feature!
Here is my rundown of the order I usually read them in:

  • Quickly click on the posts/folders for blogs that I "lurk" but never comment.  These are a variety of miscellaneous and random blogs of people/topics that I do not "know" (therefore I do not feel bad that I only scan them)
  • Next I check on some of my favorite blogs to see whats going on.  If there is something I want to comment on, I might comment right then but I usually save the post so I can come back to it later and spend "quality time"
  • Next I go through several other blogs I enjoy reading, commenting here and there.
  • On Thursdays I always go to my Thoughts for Thursday folder FIRST and link TFT posts to my TFT post.  I usually wait until I have "quality time" to read and comment on them

Do you have a special order that you read your blog subscriptions?

Necklace organization….I need help!!!

Necklace organization….I need help!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I wear fun, funky jewelry every single day.  I am especially partial to necklaces.  Unfortunately none of my big, funky necklaces fit in my large jewelry chest, so this is my current mode of storage: 20-some necklaces hung over the knobs on my closet


I have searched high and low for the perfect way to organize them, but I haven’t found anything yet.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Instant Messaging/ Video Chat……

Instant Messaging/ Video Chat……

After four wonderful months of being a Mac owner, I have finally gotten with it and tried iChat!!  I was able to import my neglected AIM and also my Google account so I will be using those much more frequently.  My screen name is ksweetsauer, leave me yours in the comments!
My brother Jeff also just jumped on the Mac bandwagon (Macs are the best, you know!!!) so we figured out how to do the video chat.  Super cool!!!!  Please let me know if you have video chat capabilities so we can chat that way sometime!

Hoping to chat soon 😉

Genetics and Eye Color

Genetics and Eye Color

Have any of you studied genetics? I think it is pretty cool how it works.  Dominant and recessive genes, etc.

I started thinking about eye color and genetics the other day and made some interesting observations about my family

My paternal grandfather had blue eyes, My paternal grandmother had brown eyes.

Of their 7 children 4 have brown eyes, 3 have blue (one is my dad)

My maternal grandfather (Gramp) has blue eyes, my maternal grandma (Gram) has hazel.

Of their 8 children, 1 has brown eyes, 4 have greenish/hazel, 3 have blue (my mom has blue eyes with a ring of yellow in the center, makes them look teal)

Brian and I have blue eyes, Jeff has green.

Anyone care to share their family history of eye color?  It would be nice to know I still have readers here……hits and comments have dropped dramatically since I put the password up

Old Compact Discs…..

Old Compact Discs…..

Okay, so until I get my iPhone in a few more months, I am still old school with the music.
I haven’t purchased more than 10 new CD’s in the past 10 years (my BF buys them all), but prior to that, I had at least 300-400 CD’s.  Together we have about 1,000.

So anyway, I have got to get rid of my CDs, they are taking up two big drawers in my dresser that could be used to store clothes.  I am in the process of converting/importing ALL of my CD’s into iTunes.  Then I plan to back them up on an external HD and get rid of ALL of these old-ass CDs.

Just wondering what everyone did with their CD collections when they went digital???

Anyone like old-school rap/r&b at all??? Thats the majority of my collection and I am willing to RAK some of this old school away to any takers…..??

Disturbing Hoax.

Disturbing Hoax.

A colleague of mine told me yesterday about something disturbing that was being reported on the radio.  This is how the story went from the way it was told to me: an anonymous woman had started a blog and detailed how nothing important had happened during her lifetime and that if something major didn’t happen in the next 90 days, she was going to commit suicide because she had nothing to live for.  She even started calling herself 90 Day Jane. She said she wasn’t depressed in any way, that this wasn’t a cry for help; that she was going to live a normal life until her 90 days were up. She was even asking for ideas on how to do "the deed".

It made me sick to hear about this.  Why wouldn’t it??!!!  My colleague and I were speculating quite a bit about the topic….. could the woman possibly go through with a suicide after publicly announcing it on her blog? Couldn’t her IP be tracked down so that she could be stopped? It sounded like a horrible movie plot to me.  I sat and thought about what it would be like if one of my friends or family committed suicide out of nowhere and how I would feel if that person had kept a public blog about her intentions but I never knew about it.

I had no intentions of reading this woman’s blog because I do not want to be a person who feeds into that kind of sensationalized drama.  Don’t you know that curiosity got the better of me?  I found the 90 Day Jane blog and was so glad that when I did, I discovered that "Jane" had written the blog as a HOAX, as a project for some college class.  Thankfully she never had any intentions of killing herself.

Did anyone else hear about this girl and her blog?? Does this whole thing disturb anyone else??? Whether she had sincere intentions or not, it still seems like a cry for help to me.